Advantages of our Premium Hosting


We bring exceptional hosting plans you can rely on. Our system was designed with the highest standards, because a good hosting service is the basis for a successful website. To deliver an incredibly well-rounded service, we focused on three important areas: Performance, Data Reliability, and Direct Support.

Superior Performance

Dedicated Servers:

hostingOpposite to shared hosting offered by many companies out there, our servers host only Active Mill’s websites. That means that the Processors, Memory and Network is always available for fast delivery with no restrictions. Other companies pack thousands of websites on the same server and even offer unlimited space, but the reality is that everyone is sharing the same resources and that results in very poor performance.


8-Core Intel Xeon Processors: 

speed4The processor is the brain of a server and it is used every time a web page is loaded, an email is transmitted or a database is accessed. Since multiple people may be doing one or more of this things at the same time, a powerful processor is necessary. For that reason, we use 8-core processors that are capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously while performing millions of operations per second.


Elite Data Center:

cloud189Our servers are located in a Data Center in Central US that provides network redundancy and security, backup power generators, and multiple internet service providers (ISP) including Level(3), AboveNet, Global Crossing, and NTT to make sure that your website is 99.99% of the time up.


Reliable Data Storage

RAID-1 Hard Drives:

hard discAs any mechanical device, hard drives can fail at anytime and everything stored in them including websites, databases and even emails are lost. To prevent any data loss, we have configured 2 hard drives per server in RAID-1 configuration. That means that both hard drives are mirrored, so if one of them fails, all the information will still be on the other one.


Automatic Back-ups:

2442Besides of the mirrored hard drives, we keep complete back ups (files, emails, databases and configurations) that are updated automatically every day, week and month. So, if for some reason you need to go back in time one day, week or month to restore  some important information, you can rest assured that your files are safely stored.


Direct Support

Fast Solutions:

runerSince we are the administrators of our own systems, we can configure anything without having to wait for a third-party. That allows us to respond quickly to any issues you may have and even personalize any feature you may need.


Real People, No Answering Machines:

worker47If you need assistance with your hosting account, just give us a call anytime and we will be happy to assist you right away.

Simple Pricing


20 GB Storage
200 Gb Bandwidth
Unlimited E-mails

All you need to do is register your payment method.
We’ll do all the configurations for you!

Billed annually. 10 Gb Disk + 10 Gb Backup. No spam or bulk emailing allowed.